Yusof’s Afterthoughts of 15th Dec

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December 24, 2012 by projvmovement

Hello guys! Happy holidays to all of you! It’s been more than a week after the movement, we’re suffering from post movement withdrawal symptoms. We are planning another one soon after the new years and before that, read a little on what Yusof (Dec 15th’s movement leader) has to say on his experience!!

I was anxious though I wanted to lead the movement. Simple reason being that if I screwed up… the whole activity will not be fun and it will not be meaningful at all. We had a flashmob dry run which I conducted in November. In my first few experiences with teaching with our guys… personally I felt weird and demoralised because I was not convinced that we will make any impact on the actual day. Perhaps it was the time of the day.. or the mood of the day.. But the energy was not there.. And I feel like the flashmob idea would not materialize into a meaningful activity where we are trying to spread volunteerism. Backing out was a good idea. Just come up some stupid excuse and cancel the flashmob. That is something easy to do. That was what I went through my mind many times. Why was this like a ” failure “!? Finally, I came to a conclusion.

” It wasn’t the dance.” 
” It wasn’t the steps.”
” It was my drive to make sure the volunteers could execute the dance!”

Only until today ( 15 Dec 2012 ), I learnt that a lot of friends and volunteers are backing me up. 

“Volunteers are a steady bunch of people” Guess what? I am truly impressed by the fact that today’s flashmob was a success and that we had seen incredible results.

1) The passers by in Orchard were awed and applauded for our movement
2) The energy level of the volunteers was superb and we could hear a loud cheer after each movement. 
3) A young chap beside me looked inspired by what we do
4) Kids were enjoying themselves and moved along to the beat!! 
5) Passers by were taking videos and pictures of us! 
6) Our volunteers had a great time!!!

As of now, I am inspired and glad to know I have gotten a lot of support from volunteers.
Thanks to all our lovely volunteers who made this movement a happening and meaningful one! 

Through this meaningful experience, I would describe it as a milestone ( at least a simple one ) in my life. And of course volunteerism doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s only the beginning! With tremendous support from all the lovely volunteers, let’s do our best to expand this project as ambassadors of project V movement! 


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