Project I A.M. Virgin’s movement!

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January 14, 2013 by projvmovement

On the 12th of January 2013, Project I A.M. ( initiated a nationwide movement with the enthusiastic help of some fellow V friends! It was a simple thought, just going out forth to appreciate and motivate bus captains for their dedicated and unwavering service to all Singaporeans.

It was an exhilarating experience with mixed feelings. Initially, my group and I were quite apprehensive about it simply because we had no idea how the public and the bus captain would react when we approached him/her suddenly. As usual, being the shameless bunch (the molding of Project V Movement, haha), one crazy member decided to go all out and pen down some personal thank you and encouragement notes on the A4 size certificates that we had printed before presenting to the bus captains upon alighting at our designated bus stops! We spent the first leg of our journey “imagining” what their reactions would have been. Shocked? Surprised? Happy? Nonchalant?

Yes, we’re almost there! The climax. What were the responses from these bus captains?

You could almost imagine it now! They laughed when we approached them and with the brightest smiles lit up on their tired faces. They thanked us for the sweet thought, although it should be the other way round most of the time for their service.

One of them told us “uncle 会加油!” when he read the hand written note. Before driving away, he gave us a friendly honk with a signature “strong arm” sign! Another bus captain couldn’t converse much in English and none of us knew Tamil/Hindu, he gave us a smile and displayed it at his side window so vehicles passing by would be able to see it. We presented the note to another one when we boarded the bus and upon alighting, he looked at us through the rear view mirror, gave us a nod and smile.

It was an amazing experience and of course, this will not stop here.Project I A.M. will continue in its venture to appreciate and motivate people for all that they have been doing over the years in serving us without complaints. Whatever that we had done last Saturday was just a drop in an ocean. There’s so much more everyone can do to make this world a better place.

Start by giving thanks, and you will learn how to appreciate!


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