Video Series #1 – What does volunteering mean to you?


January 15, 2013 by projvmovement

Most of you would have known from our facebook page update last week that our Creative Team went out to “hunt” for random targets along Orchard Road for short 1 minute interviews on what volunteering means to them.

In case you missed out on it, here’s the link for the video. Look out for your friends inside and help spread the word to make volunteering the next social activity on your list!

The entire process was insightful and we all learnt many more stories on why people are involved in voluntary acts/ community services. Some say that they hope they can change the world by doing their little parts, while others say that they are somehow left with no choice but to engage in such service.

No matter what are the reasons which spurred people on to start and get committed to volunteering, it’s really comforting to know that there are many kind souls out there who truly want to help others. Like we’ve always said, it doesn’t take too long to do an act of kindness and kindness is the best float that keeps our world together!

Lastly, Project V Movement is really grateful to those people who agreed to be interviewed and be filmed down that gave us this great opportunity to create such an amazing collation of wonderful insights about volunteering. 🙂

Do stay tuned on our facebook page or blog for the next update!


2 thoughts on “Video Series #1 – What does volunteering mean to you?

  1. Prionka Ray says:

    You guys are doing an awesome job!! Keep it up!

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