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January 21, 2013 by projvmovement

Finally, Project V Movement’s official logo is born and with this, here’s a succinct explanation of the symbolism of our logo.

You may be wondering about the chosen colours, are you?
First, purple – the combination of the warmth from red and the coolness of blue. Purple represents the purpose and inspiration that Project V Movement seeks to achieve through our passion in advocating for volunteerism.
Next, orange – the symbolism of power, enthusiasm and creativity with a tinge of thoughtfulness and sincerity. Through our various movements or collaborations with other voluntary groups, we hope to always be the motivating force behind our volunteers to explore innovative ways in our public outreach to encourage more people to start volunteering.
Are the colours all? Of course, the best is yet to be!
The final component of Project V Movement’s logo – the DOT which represents you. Yes, you’re reading it right. YOU. Project V Movement wants everyone of you to know that you are our VIPs. You must be wondering why now.
One person alone can never achieve an impact no matter how many great ideas one has to become the world’s hero. We are all tiny dots in this universe, and the effort alone most of the times goes unseen. When we come together as a group in Project V Movement, however, everyone’s effort is magnified and combined into this huge unseen force to further gives us the power to reach out to more random strangers on the streets as well as beneficiaries!
This post is dedicated to all of you amazing friends of Project V Movement. You guys are the pushing force behind Project V Movement and the very reasons why purple and orange are selected are the fiery gusto and inspirations to better our home that shined through everyone of you!

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