Ashton’s personal thoughts on Volunteering


April 11, 2013 by projvmovement

Hello friends, to kick start April, here’s a personal piece written by one of our V-bassador, Ashton on his thoughts of volunteering. He initiated a street project where the Project V Movement team went out to interview strangers along Orchard Road to find out what volunteering means to them.

******** Ashton’s thoughts ********

Doing voluntary work is an awesome feeling. I used to wake up late in the morning and waste my day off doing nothing. Few years back, by getting involved in voluntary work such as visiting old folks or helping out in various ways for the community, I felt that my day was fulfilling. However, I realised that there was something that is still lacking in the wonders of volunteering and that would be the lack of awareness among the public.

People tend to think of volunteering as a waste of time and that it’s uncool but it’s actually meaningful and fruitful. To clear up the misconception of people’s perceptions of volunteering, I decided to initiate this project of interviewing random strangers along a busy road; to find out their answers as to how they think of volunteering. It’s something cool, something meaningful. Most people would definitely reply to that. By doing a video, I hope that through social media, more people are aware of opportunities like this.

Simply by gathering like-minded people, the world will definitely be a happier place to live in. To volunteer is to be able to give our time meaningfully and happily.

My hope is that everyone will try doing voluntary work and change their perceptions about it.


Ashton hopes that everyone who has watched this will be inspired to start volunteering and together, forging a happier community to live in! If you have not watched the clip before, here’s the link for your viewing pleasure:


One thought on “Ashton’s personal thoughts on Volunteering

  1. Lee Mei Chuen says:

    Ashton, I read your thoughts on volunteering and you made my day! Yes, volunteering is indeed cool n meaningful! Thanks for your great inspiring sharing! I hope to do volunteering with the V Movement in my spare time.

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