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April 22, 2013 by projvmovement

We would like to thank all you wonderful supporters for coming down to SCAPE last Saturday, 20th April and helped complete our activity on a high note (with many filled sheets and interesting answers on “I AM A V_____”)

For now, let’s listen to what our very dedicated chief for last week’s movement have to say! 🙂 Oh, and in case you are wondering who he is, here’s a sneak photo of him! Tall, cool and fiery 😛


*** Ryan’s afterthoughts***

Time flies, in a blink of an eye, it is almost a year since I joined Sgcares in 6 May 2012.

My first encounter with Project V Movement people was on a beautiful Thursday, 20 Sep 2012, where we had our briefing and rehearsal for my 1st flash mob experience happening on 29 Sep. It was during the 2 wonderful flash mob experience (2nd was on 15 Dec), where I met Weitin, Adrian, KC, Mei Ping and some other great volunteers and volunteer leaders. Never would I think of having some of them to work alongside with me on our movement that was to happen on 20 April.

Me, Mei Ping and Amirul were tasked to embark on our first V project under the Project V Movement soon after me and Mei Ping went for our VL Orientation on 12 Mar 2013. Adrian, Weitin, KC, me, Mei Ping, not forgetting our mama, Flynn and a few cups of barley for our first discussion on Good Friday, Tiong Bahru Plaza ToastBox. Amirul had some emergency hence, wasn’t able to attend.

Inspired by Candy Chang’s “Before I die, I want to ……….” (http://on.ted.com/q7mx), we were to reach out to the public by doing the similar thing (completing the sentence based on the first thought that comes to their mind when they see the words “I am a v……………).  During the 45 minutes or so meetup, many concerns were raised and shared. The “when, where, how and what” etc. I was appointed as the project chief but I see it as a title as ultimately we are all a team. As the saying goes (with some modification made) – “Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not be able to catch up. Just walk beside me and work together as a team” (Stress level: 1).

The 3 of us (me, Amirul and Mei Ping) had our mini discussion on 4 Apr and comes the hard part (Stress level: 2), finding “sponsors”. We met with the rest on 11 Apr and with another VL, Gopal, who is keen to help out after hearing about our movement during the VL Retreat 2013. We started preparing our props for the movement. We were done by 10:30pm with the wrap up and video recording.

Finally came the BIG DAY!!! (Stress level: 3). Due to another volunteer activity, I only reached SCAPE at 11:45am and Stress level suddenly reached level 5 for the rest were still setting up and some things were “missing”. By the time we were done, it was like nearly 1pm. My Stress Level suddenly dropped to Level 1 upon setting up sucessfully. In general, the whole thing went well – blessed with a fine weather and generally good response from the public (just that it was hard to get the crowd over).

To top it all up, I have fun loving volunteers and fellow volunteer leaders who came down to show their support in this movement. All of them are a wonderful bunch of people. Sssssoooo touched that just a “Thank You” doesn’t seem to be enough. Thanks to KC, Ashton and Weitin with all the video and photo taking, thanks to Yusof for being the mobile roving team, thanks to all others that had came down. To be frank, I was very worried about whether we could get any crowd as we were “hiding at the back at one corner” where seldom people will walk past but with some very enthusiastic volunteers and me being “crazy” holding onto the board, we slowly got the response bit by bit. I was worried that the movement might not be able to bring out the awareness about volunteerism but looking through the answers given, some made me laugh out loud; some sent me filled with questions; some made me want to cry and I realized that its the element of creativity that’s important, although quite a handful tried to google it but in the end couldn’t find the answer. We ended with lots of phototaking and I was happy to hear from the volunteers that came in the afternoon were generally quite happy with the first time volunteering experience under sgcares and some more under our movement. Hope that they will come back for our next movements.

This marked the milestone for me in Sgcares as since this is my 1st activity as volunteer leader not for sporting event. I’ll still continue my fire torch burning for volunteering. As ambassadors for Project V Movement, we all live by the core objectives of the movement and do our very best to continue spreading awareness and being the bridge to the public on volunteerism.


Does Ryan’s sharing have a delicate tug on your heartstrings? Are you dying to find out what are some of the crazy answers we got last weekend? Here’s the video for you, our dear V -friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArPziiO9VG0&feature=youtu.be and share with us your thoughts!


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